Nigeria Business Visa

If you need a business visa for Nigeria, here is the list of requirements for it

–          Valid Passport, at least 6 months validity from date of return with at least two blank pages

–          Application form duly filled and signed along with the visa application fees

–          Two colour passport size photos.

–          A letter of invitation from the company in Nigeria is also need.  As a matter of fact, applicants are granted business visas only if they are attending business meetings in Nigeria.

–          A copy of the host passport is also needed.

–          Employment letter from company in SA furnishing the details about the nature of the business. The company also needs to state that it will be financially and medically responsible as well as provide accommodation for the applicant.

–          Also note that if applications for business visa for Nigeria state any kind of physical, technical or training then a temporary work permit also needs to be applied for.

–          Form CAC 2 for non-Resident Director of Companies in Nigeria need to be submitted

–          The Certificate of incorporation of the company in Nigeria is mandatory.

–          The application should be accompanied with an attestation letter from the company you work for in South Africa.

–          You need to provide a proof of the Hotel Reservation if you are not invited by a company. However, if you are provided with company accommodation, the details must be furnished in the invitation letter.

–          Bank statement details and a letter from the bank as a proof of funds to sustain the stay in Nigeria.

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