Nigeria Visa Help

When applying for a visa to Nigeria make sure that you have all the necessary documents submitted in order to ensure smooth processing. Here is a list of all the documents that you will need to furnish us with.


–          Applicant must have a Valid Passport with two blank pages next to each other. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of return. A photocopy of the bio pages of the passport is also required.  In case you have had previous visas to Nigeria in another passport, both passports should be submitted at the time of application.

–          An application form for visa to Nigeria duly filled and signed by the applicant along with the application processing fee.

–          1 current passport size photograph of the applicant.

–          Detailed itinerary of the visit to Nigeria

–          If you are visiting Nigeria for leisure or business, you will have to furnish prepaid tickets and hotel accommodation along with the application.

–          Original letter from bank as a proof of sufficient funds during your stay in Nigeria

–          Proof of vaccination against yellow fever is needed. Yellow Fever card is compulsory for both Nigerian entry and re-entry into South Africa. Do note that the injection for yellow fever must be taken at least 10 days before entry into Nigeria in case you do not have a current yellow fever certificate.

–          Letter on invitation from Nigerian company or facilitator.

–          Affiliation letter from company or organization you work for in South Africa.

–          Form CAC2 for nonresident Director of companies in Nigeria

Please Note:

–          South African passport holders do need a visa to Nigeria enter the country and temporary South African passports are NOT accepted.

–          Non-South Africans must possess proof of residence in SA

–          ECOWAS citizens must show proof of legal entry into SA